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The core component of Woodburn Day Care Club is the respect and inclusion of all involved. Against an approach of mere containment, we endeavour to uplift and enhance the lives of our members and volunteers.

Our aims and objectives are to help build confidence, alleviate isolation and boredom, encourage social interaction, help create a feeling of belonging and self worth, motivate and stimulate to help promote a positive self image and utilise their life's skills and experiences.

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An ethos of inclusion and care for social wellbeing tangibly pervades all aspects of the club's operation. The club operates to what we call a 'complex social inclusion model', which means that we actively seek to benefit several interlinked beneficiary groups.

It is also worth highlighting the club's role in building social capital for all of the people involved. Members, volunteers and carers are drawn into a powerful social network, which provides them with practical assistance, emotional support, information and access to services they may not have had otherwise.

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