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Volunteers are an essential part of our club. We have a large pool of volunteers who bring skills and enthusiasm to their work and in turn, get a tremendous sense of achievement and satisfaction from their role. Their massive contribution enables us to provide a valuable and welcoming service. As with our members, we endeavour to be inclusive in all aspects of our club by offering volunteering opportunities for people with mental health problems, people with learning difficulties and people with physical disabilities. All ages are welcome.

Our Volunteers can also be referred by the Volunteer Centre Midlothian, the Orchard Centre, Link Living and Community Psychiatric Teams.

Volunteers at Woodburn Day Care Club being presented with an acheivement award

Training and Development for Volunteers

We offer basic training for volunteers using local health services and voluntary organisations on Health and Safety, Moving & Handling and on issues relating to our elderly members such as dementia and depression. We provide a safe environment where volunteers can improve their social and practical skills.

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