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Born Agnes Moir 1920 Edgehead

Having a nice time and a blether at the clubI went from Edgehead to Duddingston, old Craigmillar really, when I was 3 years old. My dad was in the Royal Scots, and then he worked in the breweries. He worked in Dryburgh’s brewery and then he went to Murray’s No 1. We lived in Lone Cottage at the top of Edgehead. You walked five minutes, and you reached the farm. There was only one shop combined with a post office. We walked across the road and reached the sand pit we used to play in. There were more ‘Glens’ who lived there. My mum's family, Meek, were very friendly with the Glens. Both were big families. I had five sisters. My Aunty Neisse had five laddies.Boys male siblings My dad always wanted a laddies.Boys male siblings. Craigmillar House was a two apartment and no kitchen, but mamy dad curtained a bit off for the sink. We then moved to Peffermill Road. We had two bedrooms, a kitchen and an inside toilet.

I am the oldest and the gap between me and the youngest was 21 years.Havin' a laugh wi the girls We had to help mamy mother a lot. Isa, who was the fifth child, and I used to have rows because she thought mamy mother wiswas a dirty woman. I just told her that’s life. Isa and I could not get on because she married into money. On a fair morning we used to walk through Niddrie housing scheme to get to school. On a rainy day we got a No.7 bus. I was good at arithmetic. Mental arithmetic taetoo. Hated everything else. My dad often gave me a skelphit around the face with an open hand in the jaw for going after the laddies.Boys male siblings. We darnie dare not give my dad any cheek though. We played skipping and tug o' war wi mawith my sisters and three laddiesBoys male siblings, Freddie Thomson, the laddieBoys Pryde, and William Murray. Duddingston station was beside us in Mitchell Street where the train used to stop. It had a steep banking and there was many a skelphit around the face with an open hand a got fi ma mum for slided doonsliding down it to get to Duddingston. I used to shout that I was gonnae going too leave when I got too many doins!get beaten up

My first job was in J & R Allan’s at Southbridge when I was 14. It was a clothes shop with a restaurant. I started in the service bar. You had to learn how to be a waitress. I left J & R when I was 16 and got a job in the Whitehouse along Niddrie Road. It was a bar and restaurant and my dad knew the owner. My favourite job was at Dalkeith Legion. That was great ‘cause I used to get a gidgood laugh, but I never went oot wiout with any men. I would get killed if a did. If he saw me speaking to someone he widwould shout get on wiwith the work.

That was a good one any more?A Saturday or Sunday night. Saturday I got out till 10.30pm, Sunday 10.00pm. I used to go to the Salisbury picture house at Preston Street. Me and ma pals wid go up the castle braeHill or Sloop wiwith the laddies.Boys male siblings The polispolice used to chase us hame home for goin up the braeHill or Sloop. Ned Rafferty and Mr. Kerr were the polispolice. Four fellows used to come fifrom Dalkeith every Saturday and Sunday, and one of them was Frank. I used to feel sorry for him. He had six sisters and they used to steal money oot his pocket. There's one thing though, he always used to take me out. Frank worked in Edgehead pit then, Woolmet. I was 18 when I got married, and I fell pregnant two months later. We married in Niddrie Hall. It only cost us 10 guineas and we had 120 guests. I was the first granddaughter so they wanted a big wedding. NaeNo honeymoon though. He had to work. He used to gimmie his wages, £3 a week but he still had to give his mother £1. We lived with his sister in Eskdaill Street in Dalkeith at first. Then we lodged in a room at Shadepark Gardens and we got the house when the woman died.

Look at me ma am dancin'My first child was born in Mitchell Street in Craigmillar. All the first born were born there. We called her Isabella. Ah hated Dalkeith when I first came. It was more his folk. I used to tell him you’re married to me no yeryour mother. I then had Mary, then William, then Frank and Agnes the youngest. I was really ill wiwith two miscarriages as well. I was hard up. I had to work taetoo. I waited till young Frank was 5 years old before I went out to work. I am definitely better off now.

We hardly ever went out. Well, I never went oot wiout with Frank. I used to go out wi mawith my pals but I had to be in at a certain time. I loved New Year but I was never drunk. We used to all go to mamy mother's. She gave us a sherry.

Ma son and me he's no so wee nooFrank never went a holiday but I used to go doondown to Kent. He was a heavy smoker and spent his money on fags. Frank also liked his ainown bed. Frank mamy son used to meet us in London. During the war I used to run over to the brewery at Dryburgh shelter when the air raids were happening. They dropped five bombs in a field on the road to Craigmillar Castle which left five holes. That's what they telttold us anyway.

The best thing I think I have ever done is helping other people. I used to go to the old folks and get their messages. I am quite happy here at Esk Place sheltered housing.

Never mind, am no gonnae going too live much longer, ha.



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