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Woodburn Day Care Club was invited to give a talk to the Inner Wheel Club of Dalkeith in 2007, as they had decided to donate £750 to this local worthwhile charity. I was asked what we do with this money and I suggested we might produce a reminisence book about the lives of our members. A further donation of £250 was gratefully received from the Dalkeith Community Centre association.

This was the project that was embarked up.

Janatte Hope receiving the cheque from the Inner Wheel clubq

After a period of time I began to appreciate just how much work was required, especially how time consuming the project would be. However, during this process of collecting these stories, I realised that I was tapping into a rich seam of social history. It became obvious that the humour and richness of so many of our members' experiences, together with their enthusiasm in recalling their stories, just had to be captured. Yet it was only when Len Wadge at Midlothian Voluntary Action created the design and layout, including their photographs that I saw for the first time the real life of this book. Acknowledgements.

Janette, all of the staff, volunteers and members of Woodburn Day Care Club would like to thank the following people and organisations for their assistance with, and contributions to the production of this book:

Carol Watson - Chair of Inner Wheel Club

Claire Scott - Social Work Student

Family and Friends of our Members and Sir Galahad.

We would like to remember those who passed away during the making of this book.
Their stories can be found 'In Memory'.

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