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This book contains Life Stories.

Whose Life Stories?.

The stories of lives of people who attend Woodburn Day Care Club, Dalkeith, Midlothian. Woodburn Day Care Club provides high-quality day services to vulnerable elderly people with varied health and social issues, for example dementia, physical disabilities, social circumstances of extreme isolation, poverty, depression and bereavement. Since its inception in 1995 the club has grown in quality and stature, and has real standing within the community.

Being older and possibly housebound can be an isolating and depressing experience for people who have led an active life and still have a lot to offer. Being a part of this club can help to alleviate these symptoms, encourage social engagement and interaction, and provide an environment where their well-being and sense of belonging are sustained and increased.

The core component of the club is the respect and inclusion of all involved. Against an approach of mere containment, we endeavour to uplift and enhance the lives of our members and volunteers.

The diversity of these people, and their distinctive abilities, needs, and experiences are actively embraced by the club, endowing all of the Woodburn Club community with a sense of self-worth, self-efficacy, and respect.

Not only have we continued to provide an essential service to our frail elderly members, we have, over the years, endeavoured to break down the barriers of exclusion by including volunteers who are retired, have learning difficulties and/or mental health problems.

This complex model of Care in the Community is unique in the local area, and this project is a serious attempt at implementing social inclusion within the care sector of our local community for a much larger range of vulnerable people.

Additionally, the Club provides much needed time for carers. Being a carer can be very stressful, due to the intensive nature of caring. The Carers’ Group provides an opportunity to discuss the difficulties and frustrations of caring in a mutually supportive peer group...

Woodburn Day Care Club is not an island and we receive a great deal of support from many agencies, but I would like to give a special mention to the team of Midlothian Voluntary Action, our “parent” body.

The purpose of this book is to capture and celebrate some of the richness of the fabric of the lives of our members, past and present. Stories of a generation that span two centuries. Tales of love and loss, of families, of joy and pain and humour. Tales of ways of life that may pass with the people that tell them. The hope is that in the telling and recording, the wonder and uniqueness of each of our members shines through, and that in reading them, you the reader are given a rare lens into these living memories and moments that have been the lives of a passing generation.

The stories are by the people who lived them and are written in their mothers tongue as some people will not understand what they are saying we have deployed a mouse over system if there any words you do not understand and they are in blue please move your mouse over the text and a explanation will appear.

We have also provided a glossory of the Scots dialect used in this web site.

Please inform your friends and family to this online booklet.

We hope you find this as interesting as we do.

Janette Hope


Owing to an ongoing dispute the life stories have been removed.

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